The BLOCK Project Model


Not in my backyard.

It’s a concept that keeps many social injustices at arm’s length. Within the issue of homelessness, it allows us to acknowledge that something needs to be done, without taking shared ownership of the issue. The BLOCK Project unleashes the power of community by revealing that we each have a role in ending homelessness. It empowers all of us to create change, to rethink our use of space, to be good neighbors to all of our neighbors. It invites us to shift the paradigm:

Yes in my backyard.



The BLOCK Project Approach: 

  • Integrated: The BLOCK Project allows people to heal within the embrace of community. By surveying hosts, blocks, and residents regarding their strengths, passions, hobbies, and needs; the BLOCK Project will cultivate communities where everyone in the neighborhood has a fuller, happier, more connected life.  

  • Dignified: Our built environment shapes who we are and how we live. BLOCK Project homes have a cutting-edge design and are fully self-sufficient, with kitchen, bathroom, sleeping area, and storage.

  • Sustainable: The construction of off-grid homes on abundant residential property represents a financially and environmentally sustainable solution. Rather than taking from “the system” and planet, the BLOCK Project gives back.


BLOCK Home Design by BLOCK Architects